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How to register detailed information in GEMS

Here you can read about the remaining sections in the comprehensive registration that all volunteers must complete. It is very important that you fill out as much data as possible as this will make it easier for us to offer you shifts according to your wishes and qualifications. You can login and correct your entries at any time before the games.
In the Skills section, you should tell us about the skills and qualifications we ask about.
Note the following:

  • Language skills: Enter your own individual assessment of the level of your language skills
    (Greenlandic/Danish/English) – i.e. none/elementary/intermediate/fluent.
  • Training courses and certificates: If you inform us that you have a driving licence and a hygiene certificate, you may be asked to produce documentation if this is required for the type of voluntary work you are assigned to do for AWG2016.
  • Translation and interpretation skills: You do not necessarily have to be a qualified interpreter but we require you to have experience of translating and/or interpreting.

It is important that you answer all the questions. If, for example, you have a First Aid certificate but do not wish to work as a first-aider during AWG2016, it is important that we have this information as it may be useful in an emergency.
In the Availability section, you are asked to mark when you are available to work.
Shift lengths vary but are usually 2 to 6 hours. Shifts may therefore lie within or across the periods you are available. You will always be asked to accept or refuse a shift before it is finalised in the roster.
Please mark all the fields when you are available to work. If you are offered a shift but find that you are not available at one of the times you stated, you will always be able to refuse the shift.
Note the following:

  • Volunteering before AWG2016: There is only one box to tick as volunteers will primarily be assigned to a single committee. Your work and hours will be agreed in cooperation with this committee.
  • Volunteers during the period 29 February – 16 March 2016 are expected to work at least 20 hours.

In the Interests section, you should tick the areas you are interested in working with as a volunteer.
It is important that you tick all areas you are interested in as the shifts you are offered will be based on these areas. You may also be offered shifts in areas for which you have relevant skills.
You will always be asked to accept or refuse a shift before it is finalised in the roster.
NB: Unfortunately, it is not possible for AWG to provide any financial support to transportation, neither between host cities or internal in one host city, in connection to the voluntary work.
Emergency contact information
In the event that something happens to you while you are working as a volunteer for AWG2016, it is important that we can contact your next-of-kin. You must give us their telephone number.
Statistical Information
Use of data after AWG2016 in connection with other voluntary work
Would you be interested in voluntary work in connection with other events in Nuuk after AWG2016? May we contact you? You are not obligated in any way. You only give us consent to contact you. If you consent, you accept that your name, email address and telephone number will be handed over to Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq (Municipality of Sermersooq), which is building a database of volunteers in Nuuk.
Upload photo
You will later be asked to upload a portrait photo to GEMS. The photo will be used on your ID badge, which will give you access to the areas in which you will work as a volunteer.