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The AWG2016 Organization
The Government of Greenland, the Municipality of Sermersooq and the business community of Greenland are the owners and the hosts of the AWG2016. Lead by a General Manager, the day-to-day operations, and the practical work are handled by the AWG2016 Secretariat.  The different staff members are responsible for handling various areas such as sports, culture and promotion. However, it is not possible for the Secretariat to do all the work. For this reason, a number of committees have been set up to deal with specific areas. The membership of each committee consists of volunteers and/ or staff members on loan from companies who have generously donated their employees  working hours towards the Games. A chairperson and a co-chair person has been appointed for each committee. It is a huge and significant resource and is of vital importance for the success of AWG2016. The chart, at your disposal, shows the organizational set-up of the 2016 Games and shows which committees are assigned to each area.