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Nanoq sponsors

 DKK, one million and above

"At TELE-­POST we wish to actively take part in developing the Greenland society. AWG is the biggest event in Greenland, and its success is contingent on being supported by the business community. AWG will lead to the valuable development of Greenland talent, and in addition to contributing our core services, i.e. telecom and logistics, we contribute our enthusiasm and knowled­ge of project management and talent development."


"The BANK of Greenland is Greenland’s largest bank. We are a full service bank and supply financial services and sound financial advice to the entire country, every day. As The BANK for all of Greenland we are strongly committed to the country’s develop­ment. AWG2016 is an important sports and cultural event for all of Greenland – and the Bank of Greenland therefore supports the event by means of direct financial support, supply of financial services and manpower."

"The Greenlandic Society is undergoing constant changes driven by many small and large scale projects. Mentorix deli­vers high power training and top of line consultancy in Project­ and Pro­gramme Management, and our con­sultants are among the absolute best in their fields of expertise. Our goal is to create sustainable and long­term value and we always aim at developing the people in the project. This is why we work under the motto “Moving Minds”. We support AWG because it is a project focusing on Moving Minds in a positive manner through friends­hip, culture and sports."

"A huge event like Arctic Winter Games requires that we all support where we can. NunaFonden is happy to support the cultural events that will take place during AWG2016. By doing this NunaFonden supports a unique Greenlandic cultural and sportsevent that will have an impact on a big part of the Greenlandic society."


"With more than 70 destinations, Air Greenland makes the world’s largest island easily acces sible. What took weeks or months in the old days can now be done in an afternoon, thanks to Air Greenland. We support Arctic Winter Games to give the athletes an experience of a lifetime and to help the volunteers gain knowledge and expertise that they can use professio­nally for the rest of their lives."


"Mittarfeqarfiit supports AWG2016, because international cooperation creates value for the airports and for the whole of Greenland. Mittarfeqarfiit hope that our participation will show that the Greenlandic infrastructure with 13 airports and 46 helipads can support both major sporting events, commercial projects and an overall positive development of the Greenlandic society."


"Kalaallit Nunaanni Brugseni supports AWG2016 by providing meals for all the participants. During AWG2016 we will contribute with volunteers from each of our stores in Greenland and our headquarters. AWG2016 is an event for all of Greenland, and thus it is important to involve as many people from all over the coast as possible. It is very important for us to support the event, and to be part of the fellowship ensuring that Greenland as host country will be remembered for years."


"Royal Greenland is an international company based in Greenland which is active in the fishing, production and sales of the world’s best seafood products, to the benefit of Greenland. We support AWG 2016 as part of our policy of social responsibility. Our contribution is in fact help to self-help, in as much as we assist young athletes, the local community and Greenland."


"With Civic Services solutions in Qaanaaq Greenland and Games and Event management systems in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea – by KIMIK iT is the preferred solution for games around the globe; providing a consistent and flexible hosting platform in close teamwork with end-users and insight into the business model. KIMIK iT – Proud, eight-time Arctic Winter Games sponsor."


"KNI, the biggest trading and service company within Greenland,  connects the entire vast country with delivery of vital supplies.  KNI provide groceries, consumer goods and fuels to all of Greenland. KNI A/S support Arctic Winter Games 2016 because the project is large and with great importance to our youth.  Arctic Winter Games 2016 gives the youth of Greenland and everyone else the opportunity to increase our insights to the world around us."

With more than 200 years of experience sailing in the Arctic, we can say with certainty: That it is not a task for anyone – or any ship. We are the common thread that binds Greenland together. A lifeline to guarantee supplies to all of Greenland. We support Arctic Winter Games because we want to celebrate and unite sport, social interaction and culture in the Arctic. AWG is a unique Arctic cultural- and sports event that we are proud to be a part of.

Pisiffik is proud to be a part of AWG2016 where we are contributing with everything from food to beds. It is important for us to be a part of this event, and to show that when we are united, everything is possible in Greenland. For this reason, Pisiffik has placed its purchasing department at the disposal of AWG2016.
We hope that AWG2016 will blaze new trails in Greenland’s culture of sports and volunteerism so we can bring more major events to Greenland in the future. We would like to be a part of that community.