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Greenland is geographically the world’s largest island. The ice cap covers approximately 80% of the country and is located in the center. 56,000 people live on the coastline. The arctic tundra scenery in Greenland is breathtaking with icebergs on the sea and the beautiful mountains around. Greenland has a rich animal wildlife and some people partly provides themselves with food from hunting and fishing. The main industry is export of fish. The industry of mining is uprising. Greenland also attracts thousands of tourists every year. You can experience the midnight sun in North Greenland in summertime or go dog sledding in wintertime. South Greenland provides great opportunities for hiking in the green fertile nature in summertime. The capital of Greenland is Nuuk.

Nuuk - Urban Greenland

Nuuk is the vibrant capital of Greenland and the biggest city with its 16,000 inhabitants. Nuuk means the headland in Greenlandic and is the oldest established town in Greenland founded in 1728 and is divided into three areas: Nuuk, Nuussuaq, Qinngorput. For an overview click here. In the city of Nuuk you can experience the contrast between the traditional and modern Greenland as well as the contrast between nature and urban life. The city of Nuuk is surrounded by mountains by the sea and has several shopping and dining opportunities. It is a great place to experience the culture and nature of Greenland simultaneously. You can visit our art galleries, The National Museum or watch a movie in the cinema. You can also go swimming in Malik and go hiking or skiing in the hills. For further information about Nuuk click here