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Purchasing Policy

Arctic Winter Games 2016 (hereafter named "AWG2016") will endeavour to attain as many sponsorships as possible in relation to the necessary services and purchases. In cases where sponsorships for services and purchases have not been attained, AWG2016 has the following purchasing policy:

AWG2016 will fundamentally follow the Government of Greenland's Circular of 24 September 2010, with regard to the purchase of goods and services (hereafter named "Circular"), however with a lower limit for obtaining tenders at DKK 200,000 compared to the Government of Greenland's DKK 100,000.
AWG2016 will prepare a separate list of the supplies that will be put out to tender. This will be available and can be ordered in the first quarter of 2015.

Special rules that AWG2016 follows

In general, several tender bids must be received for the purchase of services and goods that exceed DKK 200,000. The aim is to ensure that all of the companies have equal access to tasks in relation to the development of AWG2016 and at the same time ensure the correct price.
Should the secretariat decide that the task shall not be put out to tender, then the reason for this must be clarified. All bidders must be treated equally.
In addition, AWG2016 is subject to public legislation rules.
Handling of gifts
Sponsor gifts are the property of the AWG Secretariat. Employees may not receive gifts over and above what is considered ordinary.

Use of external consultants

In general, external consultants will not be used, except for interpreters.

In the case of the use of interpreters, the fixed hourly rate and the total number of hours expected to be spent on the task, must be agreed. Sermersooq Municipality's wages office will manage the practical execution of payment of wages, reporting of A-tax, etc.
According to the Government of Greenland's executive order no. 10 of 20 September 2011 concerning the requirement of income tax and labour market duties, A-tax shall include special consultancy services, including soloists, artists, interpreters, etc., cf. executive order 10 of 20 September 2011, § 7, para 1 no. 8 and 9.
Depending on the execution of the task, a time sheet must be filled out, which states the Civil Registration (CPR) no., and any task card must also be submitted, in the form of a main or tax-exempt card to Sermersooq Municipality's wages office. Time sheets can be ordered from Sermersooq Municipality's wages office.
Professional artists, soloists etc., who are budgeted, are not considered to be external consultants in the current context, regardless of whether they are paid in accordance with the above-stated executive order.
The above does not apply to consultants who are residents outside of Greenland.