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For more general information on AWG2016 click here


Under AWG2016 buses will be available for participants, coaches, officials, mission staff. 
There will be two bus routes and some participants will need to change bus route to dining, accommodation or sportsvenue.   

You can find the busschedule here.

During your stay the accommodation will be at different schools in Nuuk. You will sleep in bunkbeds and a sleeping bag will be provided for you.  
Near all accommodations there are convenience stores where it is possible to buy food and beverages. 



At all accommodations and sportsvenues there will be free Wi-Fi available.  
There will also be lounges at the accommodations with computers and internet.

Tele communication in Greenland is operated by Tele-Post. Tele-Post also sells SIM cards for your telephone/smartphone.
A SIM card starter kit from Tele-Post costs DKK 400 and includes a prepaid credit worth DKK 200. See:
For information on rates for calls outside Greenland please check:
Please note: the price list is only available in Danish. 

Opening hours: Monday – Friday from 09:00 – 17:00, Saturday from 10:00-13:00.

Your local Tele-Post centre accepts the following currencies: DKK (Danish kroner), CAD (Canadian dollars), and USD (US dollars). There is an ATM at the centre, where you can withdraw cash using your credit card.
A Greenlandic SIM card can also be used in Iqaluit (Canada). For prices, see:
Please note: The price list is only available in Danish.
If you do not use Tele-Post's offer, remember to check your operator’s rates for calling from Greenland or Iqaluit (Nunavut - Canada) in advance.

Internet for Tablets/Laptops:
It is also possible to buy mobile broadband for your tablet or laptop, the price is DKK 300 and includes a prepaid internet credit worth DKK 100. Prices are listed online:  
During the opening weekend of the Arctic Winter Games (5 - 6 March 2016) you can buy SIM cards/mobile broadband from a stand in Nuuk Center. Opening hours will be made available closer to games.