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AWG2016 will select up to 10 ambassadors leading up to the Games.

The first ones to be announced were:

Kimmernaq Kjeldsen & Frederik Elsner, at the launch of AWG2016 the 25th of April 2014.

The next three ambassadors were announced on the One Year To Go Event at Inussivik, the 6th of March 2015. They are: Nivi Mathiassen from Tasiilaq, Tonny Fisker from Ilulissat/Nuuk & Victor Tootoo from Iqaluit. The last five ambassadors were announced on October 2015. They are: Niviaq Chemnitz Berthelsen from Nuuk, Ane Berthelsen from Nuuk, Bolethe Stenskov from Narsaq, Laarseeraq Skifte from Sisimiut and Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory from Iqaluit.


Full name Kimmernaq Kjeldsen
Age 35
Familiy Parents: Dorthe Hegelund Kjeldsen & Jens Kjeldsen. Brother: Adam Kjeldsen, Sister: Camilla Hegelund
Work student actor at The National Theatre of Greenland and singer.
Relation to AWG Ambassador. Was chaperone for the cultural team "Flying Drops" at AWG2014 in Fairbanks, Alaska.
Hobbies Alpine skiing, singing, friends, traveling and meeting other cultures.

Full name Frederik Kjærholm Elsner
Age 28
Familiy Parents: Marianne & Ejvind Elsner, Brother: Christian Kjærholm Elsner
Work Musician & Salesman at Atlantic Music
Relation to AWG Participated in Badminton in AWG2002 in Nuuk and won 3 ulus: 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze. This time I'm appointed as an ambassador for AWG2016 in Nuuk.
Hobbies Have some hobbies. One of them is songwritring. I spend a lot of time writing songs. I also work out and run outside. I don't see badminton as a hobby, because I'm still playing it seriously.

Full name Nivi Dahl Mathiassen
Age 17
Familiy I grew up and I live with my mother. I have one big brother.
Work I'm working as a cleaning assistant untill I start my education as office secretary.
Relation to AWG I play soccer and I participated twice in 2012 and 2014 AWG.
Hobbies Soccer
Any other? AWG is the best experience I ever had in my life, and I want to cooperate with AWG2016 as an ambassador and do presentations for children about the Games.

Full name Tonny John Fisker
Age 27
Familiy Wife: Tina Rebekka Holm Fisker, Daugther: Leah Kimmernaq Holm Fisker, Son borned in May 2015, Mother: Elisabeth Fisker, Father: Peter Fisker, Big brother: Danny Fisker, Little brother: Kenny Fisker
Work Pilot at Air Greenland
Relation to AWG Have participated in the AWG 6 times.
Twice in badminton in 2002 og 2006.
4 times in Arctic Sports in 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2014.
15 medals/ulus in total.
6 ulus in badminton, 3 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze.
9 ulus in Arctic Sport, 3 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze.
Hobbies Family, sport, playing the piano, drawing, video games.

Full name Victor Rufus Siudluk Tootoo
Age 50
Familiy Married to Lisa Tootoo and together we have a 2 year old, Taryn Tootoo.  I also have 4 older children:
Anthony Tootoo, Savannah Piliakapsi, Christine Tootoo, Donovan Gordon-Tootoo         
Work I am a Certified General Accountant and President of Aarluk Consulting, Northern Allied Nunavut, and have other business interests as well.
Relation to AWG2002 I started off as the Finance Director for the Host Society, then became Vice President and eventually President.
Hobbies I am big fan of hockey. My first cousin, Jordin Tootoo, plays in the NHL for the New Jersey Devils.  I play squash, and am physically active.  My hobbies are hunting, fishing, boating, and camping on the land with family. I am involved with the Baffin Region Chamber of Commerce as a volunteer director since 2010.  I also like public facilitating and speaking.
Any other? Being close to the land and family is very important to me.  I come from a large family with 47 first cousins (all on my Father’s side) and in my children’s generation, there are over 80. I’m glad to be a part of the 2016 AWG family.

Full Name Niviaq Chemnitz Berthelsen
Age 26.
Parents: Kisser Chemnitz & Jens Kristian Berthelsen.  Older little sister: Nuunu Chemnitz Berthelsen, 18. Younger little sister: Inuuna Chemnitz Berthelse, 10. Little brother: Qooqu Chemnitz Berthelsen, 13.
Work Inufitness at Godthåbhallen.
Relation to AWG
Participant in Cross Country Skiing in AWG 2002 here in Nuuk, where I won 2 silver ulus and one bronze. Indoor Soccer participant in 2004 in Canada and Cross Country Skiing in 2006 in Alaska where I won 2 silver ulus after illness the first couple of days. My little sister has won a gold medal in Alpine and in 2016 my little brother will participate in Alpine and my father has been coaching the alpine team.  
Family, sport, practicing cross counbtry skiing/ruller ski every day, play soccer, going to the movies. I love sailing and being in the nature, I love kayaking and I running in the hills.

Full Name Ane Berthelsen
Age 37
Married to Karl Berthelsen. Children: Erik  & Knud-Kristian Berthelsen
Work Caseworker at Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq
Relation to AWG
Active in the union for amateur theater N.A.I.P. I have been a member since 2007 and being part of the Board of Directors since 2011 to date. The union has received following awards:
2011 Initiativ Award
2012 Kommuneqarfik Sermersooqs Union Award
2013 The government of Greenlands Culture Award
N.A.I.P. union, family, traveling og meeting other cultural people.

Full Name Bolethe Stenskov
Age 49
Married to Poul Stenskov. Children: Minik, Nikki & Mikkel
Work Center Director at Multicenter, Narsaq
Relation to AWG
Worked as Mission Staff for Dene Games and Arctic Sport in the years: 2006-2008-2010-2012 and was VIP on behalf of the Board of Sport Confederation of Greenland in 2014. I am appointed to be an official for Dene Games in 2016.
I am an Taekwon-Do athlete with a black belt (2 dan), President for The Teakwon-Do Federation of Greenland and also a member of the Board of Arctic Sport Greenland.

Full Name Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory
Age 35
Children: Arnatuk Naja (10 months), Igimaq (6), Akutaq (10). Husband: Stephen Williamson Bathory. Mother: Karla Jessen Williamson. Little brother: Nanoq Williamson. Big brothers: Benjamin & Peter Williamson Big sisters: Beth & Nora Williamson
Work Qaggiavuut Society for a Performing Arts. Performer, writer.
Relation to AWG
AWG2016 Ambassador. Performer at opening ceremonies at AWG 2002 in Iqaluit.
Cooking with kalaalimerngit, being at our cabin with my family and friends, hiking, boating, skidooing.
I have roots in both Greenland and in Nunavut - I love being involved in projects that bring people from both places together. We have so much in common and sharing is good for everyone.


Full Name Laarseeraq Skifte
Age 64
Wife: Ane Sofie Skifte. Children: Aputsiaq Skifte & Arnannguaq Kristensen
Work Manager at Sisimiut Youth Center. Entrepreneur (Igloo Mountain)
Relation to AWG
Had the interest in AWG since Greenland's first participation in 1978. Volunteer as venue manager in AWG2002 in Nuuk on behalf of Arctic Cicle Race. He had the responsibility of the snow sculptures, outdoor scene of snow and snow snake outside of Multi Hall Inussivik.  
Skiing, community development and culture. "My job is based on my interests. I have runned the summer ski center Apussuit in many years. I see our country as being strong, geographically. I mean, we have the best snow. My interest is also being part of innovating the country without overloading the community. I have for instance introduced water skiing in 1970.
I am being part of developing the country. I have dedicated my life to the children and the youth of Greenland. I tell them to have confidence and that they are as worthy as world citizens like everybody else.