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Volunteer Work Schedule


1. Log in to your volunteer profile here: (Your user ID and password are sent to your mail)
2. Accept your shifts under the bullet point ‘work schedule’ by clicking the box under ‘Accepted’.

As scheduling of volunteers is a big task, we run into problems all the time. We are sorry in advance. Please be aware of:
 - Shifts the same day: It's  an error, that you received two requests of shifts right after each other. Just decline the other.
 - Number of hours: Volunteers can expect to work in between 20 to 30 hours in total. If you have received requests of more hours, you may decline the rest. Unless you are availabe and you wish to work more.
 - There are many tasks that need to be filled out. From security to catering. Therefore, we can not make sure to fulfill your requests of tasks. We ask you to please be flexible and accept the tasks you are able to work in.   

3. Please remember:
- That you need to upload a profile picture or please come by Volunteer Center and we will help you.
- All volunteers are required to go to an intro meeting within 20th and 28th of February at Katersortarfik.
- Badges will be handed out February 27th and 28th at 09.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m. at Volunteer Center.

For questions, call 382036/382034 or write to