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Final rehearsal went tremendously!

It is happening soon!
Arctic Winter Games 2016 is already happening in six months. On this occasion, AWG2016 hosted a final rehearsal September 6th, where more than 1000 people showed up in the center of Nuuk. The weather was somewhat uninteresting – cloudy and rainy, however this didn’t keep the many participants from making the final rehearsal an exciting and fun event!
People showed up happy and with high spirits, as good music played in the background.
The parade started in the center of Nuuk, where the participants were divided into the represented countries and territories participating at AWG2016 in March 2016.
Join Feel Jump
When all participants were gathered before the parade, a giant Join Feel Jump picture was taken. About 1000 participants jumped at the same time, as the music was playing in the background.
From there, the parade begun and everyone walked toward the culture house Katuaq and further towards the sports center Inussivik. People were happy and greeted those they met on their way.
At Inussivik, the theme song for AWG2016 “We Are The Arctic” was presented on a big screen. The theme song is made by the Greenlandic band Small Time Giants. The participants received the song very well, and clapped along cheerfully.
After that there was entertainment through throat singing and drum playing. There was a great atmosphere throughout the event.
Prizes were awarded to the winners of a lottery held among all the participants. The prizes included sports bags from GrønlandsBanken, a basket from Mentorix, a gift card to Pisiffik, AWG2016 merchandize from Torrak Fashion, Bose headphones, and iPad Mini and an iPhone 6+.
The actual opening ceremony will be held in six months, the 6th of March, and already the atmosphere reveals that people are looking forward to it.
Thank you from AWG2016 to the many individuals who made this event a success!