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Air Bridge to Start Sunday Morning

Changes are still due to the ongoing wind and risk of more snow in Nuuk. The Opening Ceremony will still be held on Sunday at 8 pm.
According to Air Greenland, the remaining athletes will not be able to depart from Kangerlussuaq until Sunday morning, and the air bridge will continue to operate throughout Sunday night. Yet, the Opening Ceremony will still be held on Sunday at 8 pm.
- We definitely don’t have it easy, said Maliina Abelsen, General Manager of the AWG2016.
- Fortunately, we have volunteers and partners who are working hard around the clock. When we reschedule the flight plans with Air Greenland and alter the sports and cultural programs, it subsequently affects the entire AWG2016. Although I find it very important to make sure that the young athletes get as much as possible out of this event – in terms of sports as well as culturally and socially – we need to get started with the program. As a result, we are currently redoing parts of the puzzle, but after having consulted the delegations, we have decided to keep the Opening Ceremony on Sunday at 8pm.
Maliina Abelsen is full of praise for the volunteers:
- All our volunteers and partners that I have been in contact with today are so enthusiastic and determined to contribute to making ends meet. It is a pleasure to work with each and every one of  them, and they have played a large part in making this event so great, despite all the obstacles we have faced.
- The next step is to get the planes in the air in the morning and as many as possible to the Opening Ceremony. From Monday onwards, we will continue with a new program.