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Sustainable business development - AWG2016 as a case

AWG2016 General Manager Maliina Abelsen, was one of the main speakers at a polar research conference held at Aalborg University on 3-4 December 2015.
Maliina Abelsen’s presentation was about how a project like AWG2016 can support business development by creating concrete practical experience with major logistical tasks, and not least, informal training for a large group of local people and companies.
“AWG2016 is a unique opportunity for the branding of Greenland, and for strengthening civil society. This means it’s also an obvious concrete case that we can learn from, for other major projects and initiatives,” says Maliina Abelsen.
“In addition to this conference, we are collaborating with Aalborg University with regard to evaluating AWG2016. It’s very important to look at what a major project like this actually creates, and this is why we are very pleased that Aalborg University wants to study this. Aalborg University will collaborate with the University of Queensland, among other things, looking at the project from a competency development perspective, branding perspective, sponsor perspective and participant perspective,” ends Maliina Abelsen.
In addition to the presentation, there was also a workshop about AWG2016.
Around 100 people from Greenland and Denmark participated in the conference.
Learn much more about the conference here: