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FAQ’s about Workshops

Changes of the AWG workshop schedules
It is not possible to change the schedule you received. Whether which workshops you are given, the workshops are going to be different and exciting experience for you. Come and join us at the workshops you are scheduled to and get some exciting hours with other students.

Workshop Schedule
If your child has signed up for workshops and needs a schedule, please contact Susanne at or 382038. The schedules will be send pr. mail.

Who can participate in workshops?

All primary school students attending the 4th to 10th grade.

When are they held?

March 7th-10th 2016, 09.00am-11.00am and 13.00 pm-15.00 pm.

Does it cost to participate?

There is no costs to participate in workshops.

Where is it held?

  • At University of Greenland, Ilimmarfik: Arctic Sport, Performance, Dance, History, Art
  • NUIF: Performance, Dance
  • Nationaltheater: History, Performance
  • Kittat: Sewing
  • Nuuk Art Museum: Art
  • Illorput: Performance og art (picture)

Is transport for participants available?

Transportation for participants is not available, but all primary school students are given bus passes for use the whole week, for free, to make it possible for them to go to the workshops and to watch the games.

Is food and drink for participants taken care of?

AWG2016 does not provide food and drink for participants at workshops. Students are encouraged to bring food and snacks along. It is possible to buy healthy snacks at Ilimmarfik, University of Greenland.

How can you sign up for workshops?

Registration forms have been distributed to the schools Atuarfik Samuel Kleinschmidt, Ukaliusaq Skolen, Nuussuup Atuarfia, Atuarfik Hans Lynge, Kangillinnguit Atuarfiat and Nuuk International Free School, where teachers have handed them out to their students.

Who do you submit the registration form to?

Registration form is to be submitted to the students teacher latest wednesday February 17th.

When will the students know what they will participate in?

Students will receive their workshop schedule Monday February 29th by their teacher. Schools get an overview of where the students are during the week as principals also get the workshop schedule.

How many workshops can students attend to?

Students have the opportunity to participate to at least 2 workshops. Number depends on how many students have signed up for workshops.

What happens if the weather is bad or if one of the participants become ill?

Parents are encouraged to during week to look at website to see if one or more workshops has been cancelled. All changes can be found at AWG2016 website.

Should students cancel when they are prevented from participating in workshop?

Students should not cancel when they are prevented from participating in workshop.

Should students be given special clothing for workshops?

Each workshop needs to be considered, like fx for dancing and sport workshops it is most optimal to have clothing for sport, where art can risk getting paint on your clothes. Therefore, please consider the clothing to suit specific workshops.

Who can you contact if you have further questions about workshops?

Susanne Lynge Rasmussen, mail: or call 382038.

Whose responsibility is it, if  students are injured during workshops?

It is your own responsibility to attend the workshops, thus it is not AWG2016 responsibility if anything happens.