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Volunteers from many countries

Many hundreds of Greenlanders and particularly Nuummiuts have volunteered and make a huge effort. But among the many dedicated volunteers, there is also a group of volunteers from a lot of other countries, including Bulgaria and Denmark.

"In AWG2016 we are obviously super proud of all the volunteers and the tremendous effort they do - it is our experience that the volunteers welcome our guests well and help giving them the experience of a lifetime" says Maliina Abelsen General Manager AWG2016.
"But it is clear that it makes an impression on us, when people buy an airline ticket to come and help us, from a country which has nothing to do with the Arctic directly."
One of these volunteers is Nikolina Gosheva from Bulgaria. Nikolina has visited Nuuk several times through her work. It is on one of the trips she has become aware of AWG2016 - an opportunity for an experience you cannot count on getting more than once in life, as she says and elaborates:
"Under the AWG, nations that naturally has some of the toughest conditions to survive in are gathered. It's not something you see everyday. It’s always possible to see the Olympics, the AWG is a 'once in a lifetime opportunity'. "
Nikolina has financed her trip to Nuuk on her own and put several hours of dedicated volunteer work during the Games.
When asked directly about what she gets out of it, she replies:
 "I love Greenland and would like to stay here one day! This place calms me - the people are friendly and the countryside beautiful. "
Nikolina works voluntarily, among other places, at the dance workshop in NUIF, which means that she gets a lot of positive energy from the children and their laughter at AWG2016, she concludes.
AWG2016 has about 1,700 volunteers, of which a large part is company volunteers. Foreign volunteers like Nikolina Gosheva constitutes about 90 people in Nuuk, and includes people from Bulgaria, Denmark, Canada and the United States.