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Vision, Values and Slogan

The Vision

  • AWG 2016 unites Greenland around a central communal event celebrating sporting and cultural enjoyment.

  • AWG 2016 generates pride and joy while developing social voluntariness and societal skills.

  • AWG 2016 focuses global attention on Greenland, strengthening ties with other Arctic nations.

The Values

To partake in diverse, inclusive and colourful community activities across society and the Arctic region, where everyone can be part of a meaningful project that generates joy.

We are part of the Arctic community and are curious about each other’s similarities, differences and what we can learn from each other. 

Through sport, culture and community we find the strength and courage to develop and set new goals.  

The Slogan

Join — Feel — Jump

Our slogan is based on our values: Join for Community, Feel for Curiosity and Jump for Courage.