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Ulu News March 8 2016

The official Arctic Winter Games 2016 newsletter is out. A selection of today’s stories is:

- Interview with athlete of the day, volleyball player Jada Lea from Alberta North.
- To swap or not to swap? AWG participants swap uniforms with someone from another team. But many of
the participants this year say they like their uniforms too much to give them up.
- The first of this week’s workshops for the local school children offered lessons into the tradition and history of kayaking.
- Living outside the box: Just like not all Americans are fat and carry guns, neither are Greenlanders all dark-skinned hunters.
- Can a seal be athletic? The biggest challenge in designing this year’s AWG mascot was to make a seal look it like played sports.
- More than a mouthful: Some greenlandic words can be translated into an entire sentence in other languages.

​Click here to download Ulu News IV, March 2016