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Ulu News March 10 2016

The official Arctic Winter Games 2016 newsletter is out. A selection of today’s stories is:

- A Nenet folk singer, a cool fusion of music and dancing about going away and coming home, yoiking, throat singing and twirling are parts of the Gala Show which is also on tonight.

- The myth about the brother and sister becoming the sun and the moon after having had sex in the darkness is told in the Greenlandic Gala Show performance.

- Poker face, drum playing and whoops of team mates are ingredients of the hand games – the perhaps most noisy sport at AWG2016.

- photo reportage from wrestling and vox pop from slopestyle.

- Nutritious and tasty food is important for the athletes.

- How to plan showering facilities for 2000 young people.
Click here to download Ulu News VI, March 2016