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New Director of Sports in AWG2016

It is with great pleasure, that we can announce that Mr. Svend Sværd, will be starting as the new Director of Sports, taking over for Mr. Claus Nielsen. The new Director of Sports, Svend Sværd is Architectural Technologist and Construction Manager, and has 9 years of experience as a project manager within the construction industry.
Svend Sværd is an experienced project manager that has organizational skills and is used to having overview and working in large collaborative interfaces. Moreover, Svend Sværd has and is actively involved in the world of sports and he acts as a kayak polo coach.
We are looking forward to welcoming Svend Sværd to the AWG2016 Team on the 16th of March, 2015, and we would also to take this opportunity to thank Claus Nielsen for the work that he has done.
From March 16th- 31st, 2015, there will be a period of overlap between the new and departing Directors.