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The International Committee

The Arctic Winter Games International Committee (AWGIC) is the ruling body behind the Games. The Committee’s main assignments are to promote the philosophy and the principles of the Games, choose and assist a host country, and control the visual image of the Games. There are 12 members on the committee offering guidance as well as issuing directives for the Games. The committee meets four times a year where the 12 members evaluate and discuss offers from member countries who wish to host the Games. They also determine the policy that is to be followed, which events are to be held, rules for the individual sports, medals that are to be presented, formal agreements etc.The individual members of the Arctic Winter Games International Committee are appointed by the country they represent.

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The International Committee’s logo consists of three circles, symbolizing;  athletic competition, cultural display and social interaction, among the peoples of the Arctic. A band of the northern ligths, is set against a black backdrop representing the night sky. The logo is furthermore surrounded by a white circle representing the circumpolar world. 

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