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How to register as a volunteer

When you register as a volunteer, you create a user profile in our online registration system, GEMS. Like all volunteers, you record data in GEMS about your skills, why you are interested i voluntary work and the dates and times you are available to work and can accept shifts. Later, you will accept/refuse the shifts offered to you in GEMS and you will find the information you need about when and where your shifts will take place. You will also find your work schedule here. 

Step 1: Sign up to become a volunteer (Remember to full register and to upload a profile picture)
Step 2: Print applications for: Criminal Record Certificate & Child Protection Certificate 
Step 3: Fill out information, sign, scan and send to

It is important that you record as much information as possible in GEMS. Accurate information is vital as it ensures that AWG2016 can offer you work that matches your interests and skills at the times, at which you are available.
NB: There is unfortunately not enough space in GEMS to ask everything. If you have skills you believe AWG2016 could put to good use but about which GEMS does not ask, you are more than welcome to write to us at

How to register as a volunteer

How to register detailed information in GEMS

FAQ about GEMS