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Hockey Players welcomed in Iqaluit

The weather, the modifications in the traveling schedule and planning for hockey players, have not brought the many volunteers and athletes' mood down. Everybody was well received and each challenge was handled with tact.

"I want to send a special greeting to all hockey players and to all the people that are around them in Iqaluit. We would have liked, of course, to have everybody at the opening ceremony, but I am happy that there is such a good ambiance in Iqaluit. Also, the athletes who are not in Nuuk, should know that we are glad that they are part of AWG and that we send them warm thoughts "says Maliina Abelsen, General Manager of the AWG2016.

"A lot of work has been put in order to make ends meet these past days, but all I hear from Iqaluit is how motivated the volunteers are, and how they represent a good support around the hockey teams. It is just wonderful. We say to the volunteers a big thank you. "

Because of the weather and the many delays, together with problems bringing hockey players’ equipment, the teams in Iqaluit have had their share when it comes to weather-related challenges for the AWG2016. Therefore, AWG's Maliina Abelsen has also paid close attention at those teams and the people around them:

"Now we are excited for hockey results to start coming in  - and I promise that we are putting in place everything in order to have made a great closing ceremony, so the athletes who could not be at the opening last night, including those who are now in Iqaluit, also get a big social and cultural experience with the AWG2016 beyond sport".