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The sponsor policies of the 2016 Arctic Winter Games

The 2016 Arctic Winter Games will become the largest event of its kind in the history of Greenland.
During March 2016, athletes from fifteen different sports will be competing in Nuuk compared to ten sports in 2002. Approximately 2000 athletes, participants in cultural events, official organizers and last, but not least, 1,500 volunteers will be involved in the Games. As Nuuk does not have an ice skating arena for hockey, the hockey tournament will take place in Iqaluit, Nunavut.
This is a project which will have a substantial impact on the population and for the Games to become a success, it is absolutely vital that a close cooperation exists between the business community, sports organizations, the Municipality and others. For this project, there will be a need for everyone to do what they absolutely do best.
At the same time it is a goal that Greenland utilizes this unique opportunity to showcase and develop
the potentials and capabilities in the country. There will be extensive media coverage of the Games, and not just of the event itself, but also during the years leading up to the Games in 2016. A rare and unique opportunity thus exists to showcase ones business or organization.
It is vital for the success of the Games, that sponsors are found who are able to contribute in different ways to the event. A sponsorship could be in the form of supplying manpower, goods or in donations.
With this presentation of the 2016 Arctic Winter Games sponsorship policies, it is our hope that you will consider in which way you might be able to contribute as a sponsor. We are ready to draw up sponsor agreements which will be of benefit to you, us, and your employees.
Six different categories of sponsorships
·         Nanoq sponsor                                                   DKK, one million and above
·         Nattoralik sponsor                                              DKK 700.000 - 999.999
·         Kissaviarsuk sponsor                                        DKK 400.000 - 699.999
·         Tulugaq sponsor                                                 DKK 200.000 - 399.999
·         Aqisseq sponsor                                                 DKK   75.000 - 199.999
·         Friends of the AWG                                             DKK     1.000 -   74.999
Donations may be offered in the form of cash, goods or manpower. In case of goods it will be necessary to submit in writing, what kind of goods will be donated, and the cost price of said goods. In the case of manpower, the number of man hours used and the price for the man hours will have to be calculated.
A sponsorship could also be in the form of an agreement allowing a member of your staff to work for the AWG 2016, and in the process enabling your employee to gain experience and to develop his or her
skills and qualifications that would ultimately benefit your company.   

It is possible to independently sponsor:
-        signs for arenas or venues
-        backpacks, vests, caps or hats for volunteers
-        sleeping bags and sports bags for athletes
-        gates in the goal area for outdoor sporting events
-        slalom flags in alpine and snowboard
-        race bibs for alpine, cross country , snowboard, snowshoe, biathlon and snowshoe biathlon
-        food for athletes and /or volunteers
-        any kind of carpentry, electrical work, paint jobs or metal work
-        bus transportation, taxis and car rentals
-        beverages, water
-        beds
-        freight
-        timber, sheet rock, plywood boards etc.
-        mobile seating for spectators
-        equipment for cultural events, such as a music system which can be used outdoors
-        streaming from games or events where a choice can be made to stream from a specific event
-        electronic equipment  such as tablets, computers, screens, printers and more
-        sporting equipment for all sports:
o   balls for soccer, badminton, table tennis, basketball, and volleyball
o   table tennis tables
o   mats for the wrestling competition
o   equipment for Arctic Sports
A company can also agree to take on a whole area by freeing a company staff member to work closely
in that area with volunteers from a sub-committee.
Such an area could be:
-        communication
-        volunteers
-        public relations and information
-        logistics
A center, planned for the volunteers, will need mangement. The center will function as the head- quarters for the volunteers and contain an office, meeting place and dining area during the Games. Running the center can be done by a business, an organization or an association.
What does a business gain from participating as a sponsor?

In connection with the AWG 2016, and depending on which category of sponsorship is chosen, it will be possible to get exposure of one’s company or business.  
Upon signing a sponsor agreement, it will be possible to organize different events in cooperation with the AWG 2016. It will be possible to:
-        borrow the AWG mascot for a company party or reception
-        invite the AWG mascot to participate in a child’s birthday party
-        let the AWG mascot visit company sub-divisions in other towns
-        organize an Inuit games and Dene games event for company employees
-        invite company employees to a lecture on the AWG 2016 about being a volunteer,
         focus of the lecture: How will it benefit the employee personally and what would an employee
         be able to give back to his or her company?
Other ideas for events are welcome and will be negotiated separately.
All happenings and events will be negotiated upon, and recorded, in the sponsorship agreement.
For any events outside of Nuuk, any cost for transportation or subsistence expenses rest solely with the company in question. 

To learn more about the opportunities to become a sponsor contact the Director of Sponsorships for AWG2016, Aviâja Lyberth Lennert,