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AWG2016-referees at international level

Greenland Sports Federation signs agreement with AWG 2016 on developing referees in cooperation with sports organizations under the GIF. The goal is that Greenland participates with as many Greenlandic referees as possible to AWG2016. 
This will also benefit sports not participating in AWG2016 since Greenland Sports Federation is in dialogue with them on the education of judges.
AWG gets inquiries from specially Island about judges in specific sports where they were lacking when they host major events such as the AWG. Therefore, we hope that this effort will get more young judges.
Many sports organizations are in the process of developing coaches and referees in 2015. This is very positive for the sport and society in generel in the future. The coach is often a person who makes a huge difference. 
AWG2016 is happy that GIF and AWG2016 has signed a cooperation agreement on improving the organization of sport in Greenland and at the Arctic Winter Games.
Lauritz Heilmann og Claus Nielsen
GIF og AWG2016
Lauritz Lauritz Heilmann: 593985
Claus Nielsen: 531164