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AWG is more than a sporting event

Maliina Junge Jørgensen participated in badminton in Whitehorse back in 2000 and her desire to travel grew after that. She ended up graduating from Trent University in Canada afterwards.

"AWG is without doubt more than just a sporting event. I really mean that because I participated 15 years ago in Whitehorse, playing badminton. It was the first time I traveled away from Greenland and I believe it was the reason why I wanted to travel around the world again after I graduated from primary school. And I did – I ended up living abroad for 9 years in total for educational reasons. Participating in an event like AWG can surely create  something great  in the long term not only in relation to education but also on a personal level."

Proud Maliina Junge Jørgensen when she arrived home to Nuuk with silver and bronze ulus from AWG2000 in Whitehorse.