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All AWG2016 Ambassadors are now appointed

A diverse Arctic Winter Games 2016 Ambassador Corps is now completed and has the task to spread the word and support the hosting of AWG2016.
“We have selected a wide corps representatives of different places and interests. What the Ambassasors have in common is, that they all have attracted attention within sport, culture or voluntary, which are the cornerstones of Arctic Winter Games. We also emphasize that they can help to spread the joy of AWG2016. We are extremely pleased that the Ambassadors have agreed to lift the project, and we appreciate it very much,” says General Manager, Maliina Abelsen.
From April 2014 until December 2015 we have designated a total of ten Ambassadors for AWG2016. The first to be nominated are Kimmernaq Kjeldsen and badminton player Frederik Elsner. During the “One Year To Go Event” on March 6th 2015, three more were nominated and those are the Arctic Sport practitioner Tonny Fisker, football player Nivi Mathiassen and earlier General Manager for AWG2002 in Iqaluit, Victor Tootoo. In autumn the cross-country skier Niviaq Chemnitz Berthelsen was designated along with longtime NAIP actress Ane Berthelsen and Bolethe Stenskov, who has been Tae Kwon Do and Arctic Sport practitioner. Cultural figure in Iqaluit Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory was designated as the last one in Iqaluit. The very last Ambassador, who has been appointed is a passionate person from Sisimiut, Laarseeraq Skifte.
Ambassadors have been and will continue to be active, for example during various AWG2016 events, campaigns, recruiting volunteers and presenters. Follow them and their onward journey in the upcoming months and during AWG2016. 


From left: Ane Berthelsen, Tonny Fisker, Kimmernaq Kjeldsen & Niviaq Chemnitz Berthelsen


Nivi Mathiassen & Bolethe Stenskov making a presentation in Qaqortoq Sports Hall


Ambassadors in Iqaluit in green jackets, from left Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory and Victor Tootoo to the right. Laakkuluks family and Kuluk are also in the picture.