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Weather postpones AWG2016 program

The DMI (the Danish Meteorological Institute) storm forecast for West Greenland on Saturday will cause changes in the arrivals to Kangerlussuaq and Nuuk. However, the AWG2016 Secretariat, Air Greenland and Arctic Command have the necessary adjustments ready.
- Now we do what we do best in Greenland. When weather conditions challenge us, we find solutions and solve it together. We have seen the extent to which the volunteers have responded and supported us when we asked for help during these last few days, and we rest assured, that everyone is with us and will help us succeed, says General Manager Maliina Abelsen.
Specifically, flight arrivals have been postponed, the hockey players will miss the opening ceremony, and the opening ceremony will start Sunday at 8pm. There will only be minor changes to the sports program.
- We cannot control the weather, and we have known all along that it could potentially affect our plans, so we are not disconcerted by the current situation. Right now we are following our plan B, and it is a pleasure to see everyone working together in order to implement the back-up plan, says General Manager Maliina Abelsen.
- We have been monitoring several weather channels closely since Monday, and while they differed somewhat at first, all forecasts now seem to point towards storm and heavy snow tomorrow afternoon and most of Saturday. Consequently, we have devoted maximum efforts to setting up a new traffic program that supports the Arctic Winter Games 2016 in the best way possible, says Niels Frederiksen Chemnitz, Manager of Flight Operations.
The press will be kept informed of any further developments.