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We are Ready for the Opening Ceremony

Tonight at 8 pm, the doors will open for the Opening Ceremony. Hundreds of athletes from all over the Arctic are getting ready for the largest event Greenland has ever hosted. HRH Crown Prince Frederik will also attend the ceremony.

Following days of wind, snow, and poor visibility in Nuuk, AWG crew, volunteers, and partners can finally checkmark a very important item, when the Opening Ceremony kicks off in Inussivik on Sunday at 8pm.

- As the weather has been posing a challenge for us these last few days, we are of course relieved that we have now welcomed so many athletes, that it makes sense for us to officially open the Games. All delegations are represented tonight, and I am sure that everyone is eager to get started, says Maliina Abelsen, General Manager of AWG2016.

The remaining participants are scheduled to arrive in Nuuk Sunday evening and night.

- Tonight’s Opening Ceremony program is amazing, and I am certain that it will be a great experience for everyone. A ceremony like this is essentially what kicks the event off to the public. So even though Air Greenland, the Arctic Command, the Home Guard, most of Kangerlussuaq, hundreds of volunteers, and the AWG secretariat have been working around the clock for days, tonight’s event will give us the sense of having started for real. That is wonderful.
Among other things, the Opening Ceremony in Inussivik will feature the delegations’ entry parade, cultural activities, and speeches.