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Volunteers: A big part of lifting Greenland

 Volunteer courses in Nuuk, Sisimiut and Ilulissat.
GIF, AWG2016 and MIBB are currently working together and recently completed the second of four training courses scheduled to take place in 2014. This course took place on 7 November in Nuuk with participants from all over Greenland.
The training courses are part of a wider cooperation between the three organisations, the purpose of which is to focus on voluntary work in Greenland. The organisations hope to highlight as role models the many people who tirelessly invest their time and energy in voluntary work. Volunteers help develop their club, association and the community in general by promoting healthcare and other activities for children and young people.
-          It is amazing to think that eight-year-old Naja can attend handball training and polka because we have so many resources at our disposal in the shape of volunteers who are passionate about making a difference. We want to strengthen the volunteers and given them specific tools to work with.
The training courses not only provide information from tutor to participant. Just as important is the transfer of know-how between participants and from participant to tutor. The training course inspires new tools and strongly encourages participants to share knowledge and experience.
-          The training course has now been held in Qaqortoq and Nuuk. Participants were very interested and avidly involved. We could clearly see that many of them truly are passionate about their voluntary work but lack the tools they need. This tells us that the training courses are valuable to voluntary work and therefore also of value to society. This is indeed a field we should acknowledge much more strongly and continue to develop in future.
The organisations plan to reach different regions of the country by 2016. The next courses will be held in Sisimiut on 25 November and Ilulissat on 27 November. Even though the courses are taking place just before the Inatsisartut parliamentary election, the organisations hope that many will take part and learn tools to use in their voluntary work.