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Volunteers are Braving the Storm

Many AWG2016 volunteers are yet again braving the storm this morning, to do service to the AWG athletes and take care of their needs. The last practical details will soon be taken care of, in order for everything to be ready for the large influx from Kangerlussuaq later on Saturday.
General Manager of AWG 2016 Maliina Abelsen:

- We are so proud. Despite the storm, our volunteers are showing up all over town, you see green jackets everywhere, and the tasks at hand are being solved. An event like this is never without obstacles or no-shows, but it would be impossible to pull off without the staunchest volunteers in the world. And that’s exactly what we have here in Nuuk and in Kangerlussuaq these days.
-The next few days are going to be intense, and there are still some volunteers who haven’t experienced it yet. So of course, we will need every single one of them. We are currently sending out text messages and remind the volunteers of their upcoming shifts. But I am so grateful and happy that so many people show up and keep delivering, day or night.
This morning alone, more than 150 AWG2016 volunteers are working at a steady speed. During the day, that amount will increase, as the flights from Kangerlussuaq start to arrive in Nuuk.
- This is the greatest event In Greenlandic history, and the weather has not been kind to us so far. But that only gives us more reasons to appreciate the fact that we have been able to pull it off anyway, and that so many dedicated volunteers have shown up and solved the tasks at hand. They are getting an experience for life, as well as creating one for everyone else, says Maliina Abelsen.