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Substantial and valued support from Nunavut

Representatives from the Arctic Winter Games 2016 secretariat are currently in Iqaluit, the Capital City of Nunavut, today on the 11th. of September, to sign a sponsor agreement with the City of Iqaluit regarding use of the skating rinks for the Arctic Winter Games 2016.

The sponsorship has a value of 88.000 Danish Kroner making the City of Iqaluit an Aqisseq sponsor. Furthermore, the Government of Nunavut has consented to give Arctic Winter Games 2016 free use of the schools in Iqaluit without charge. The schools will be used for accommodation and for other activities during Arctic Winter Games 2016.
It is very important to us that the Government and the City Council are supporting the Arctic Winter Games 2016, wishing to make it a special event, not only for the hockey athletes who will be coming to Iqaluit, but also for the residents of Iqaluit.  General Manager, Maliina Abelsen comments:  “We have encountered lots of support in Iqaluit for our mutual cooperation, and many towns’ people remember with fondness the good times from 2002, when Nunavut and Greenland shared the responsibility of hosting the Games.”
In addition to the agreements that the Arctic Winter Games 2016 secretariat has negotiated with the Government of Nunavut and the City Council of Iqaluit, meetings have also been held with the Iqaluit Hockey League, other organizations, culture and media people, potential sponsors and business partners. 
 “We have had some busy, but really good, days in Iqaluit with several very informative and fruitful meetings. All of our meetings with local people here have provided us with a clear picture of how the hockey event during the Arctic Winter Games 2016 should be managed in Iqaluit, and whom we need, to bring this project to a successful conclusion.”
During the Arctic Winter Games 2016 there will be competitions in 15 different sporting events. 14 of the sporting events are to be held in Nuuk, while hockey will be the only sport held in Iqaluit. Hockey is an extremely popular sport in Canada and there is a great deal of satisfaction about the competition being held in Iqaluit. However, Greenland is still the host responsible for all the sporting events.