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Recycling empty shells for medallion

During AWG2016, we wish to display our cultural richness and diversity in an innovative way. AWG2016 is now partnering with a local artist to create the culture medallion. AWG2016’s culture medallion is to be cast in 100 copies.
The designer of the medallion is Camilla Nielsen, a Greenlandic artist who studied art in France, Canada and Greenland. In her work as an artist, she is especially inspired by nature and people. Along with Palle Møller and Peter Harder, two craftsmen from Nuuk, she will create AWG2016’s culture medallion. 2016’s medallion is in the form of a Greenland drum - qilaat.
"Production will start in mid-2015. In order to produce medals, we need brass alloy. We will encourage hunters during reindeer season, to deliver their empty cartridges for this purpose ". Says an excited Peter Harder.
Palle Møller explains that they will set up collection points for collection pans at strategic locations in the city. This will include Orsiivik, the boat bridges at the harbor, and at arms dealers throughout the city."This is a great opportunity for us to cooperate with local hunters."
This initiative marks a milestone, where our modern hunting culture is involved in producing the medallion for the cultural participants. We look forward to collaborating with our traditional hunters and with our sports hunters on the creation of the culture medallion, together with artisans Camilla Nielsen, Palle Møller and Peter Harder" says AWG2016.