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Lots of energy in Qaqortoq

Wednesday the 11th of June GIF, AWG2016 and MIBB began a series of courses on volunteerism with a course in Qaqortoq.  An excellent beginning of an important collaboration on strengthening volunteerism in Greenland.
The purpose of the courses, to be held in different cities in Greenland, is to strengthen the concept of volunteerism in the country, providing associations and others working voluntarily tools, which will aid in the work of volunteerism, and create awareness on the value of volunteering in society.

In Qaqortoq there was strong support for the course, and there were representatives from the Red Cross in Qaqortoq, the soccer school, QaaSusa (i), The Municipality and Sports Associations. In addition there was a good mix of experienced societies and associations as well as some very new ones, which was seen as very positive. The energy was high, and participants worked in groups on subjects like organization, recruitment, motivation and maintenance.
"I gained a lot from attending the course. I got new tools and learned new ways to volunteer. I hope similar events will be organized in the future. You become more courageous, more prepared to do voluntary work when you receive such input, "said Angerdla Kielsen Olsen, who attended the course.
"We are extremely pleased with the level of attendance and we experienced a very positive involvement here in Qaqortoq. We discussed and worked with successes that have already happened and worked with tools on how volunteerism can be further strengthened. Volunteering creates cohesion, results and joy in society, and participants in the course were hard at work on how volunteerism can be strengthened in Qaqortoq " GIF, AWG2016 and MIBB maintained in a joint statement.
GIF, AWG2016 and MIBB have agreed to a partnership, which will, during the next two years increasingly focus on the subject of volunteerism including enhancing skills - with a special focus on children, youth, health and sports. Courses will be held in the cities along the coast, and Qaqortoq was the first city. Together, GIF, AWG2016 and MIBB are working for the year 2016 to be named ‘The Year of Volunteerism’.
In the picture: Lots of engery amongst the participants in Qaqortoq. (Photo by Gerth Otto Hansen)