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KIVITSISA 2016 – A Year of Volunteerism Set in Motion

Together, how much can we accomplish and how much are we able to do? A seminar on volunteerism will answer these questions.
2016 has been designated as the year with a heightened focus on strengthening the spirit of volunteerism in our society.  As a prelude to the coming year, a special seminar is held in Nuuk on September 22. and 23. of 2015. A different type of seminar aimed at generating initiatives across a variety of organizations, associations and institutions in connection with KIVITSISA 2016 – A year of volunteerism. 
GIF, AWG2016 and MIBB are the main promoters of KIVITSISA 2016 and are behind the seminar. It is a continuation of a cooperative effort that began back in 2014, and which has, among other things, resulted in the holding of courses on volunteerism, around the country.
The initiatives created by volunteerism contribute to social cohesion. Without the steadfast dedication and commitment by groups and individuals, many significant projects would never have come to fruition. The importance of this dedication is what KIVITSISA is all about.
The seminar in September not only aims to inspire, but also demands active participation by those attending the seminar, and that participants at the conclusion of the seminar, launch their own initiatives.
It is our fervent hope that a broad and diverse group of NGO’s, associations, public institutions and companies from all over the country will offer their dedicated participation in handling the challenges ahead of us. With regards to volunteerism, we believe that KIVITISA 2016 will assist in forging a valuable collaboration among everybody involved.