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After Arctic Winter Games 2016 started, attention on social media grew rapidly.
In only one week AWG2016’s official Facebook page has gotten more than the targeted 10.000 likes (10.300+ likes in total and more than 4.400 new likes). Our updates have reached more than 235.000 persons, and everyday almost 5.000 people visits our Facebook page to check out the most recent updates and pictures.
The most popular post has been the update on His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik’s arrival in Nuuk, Sunday March 6. In only 24 hours it reached more than 50.000 persons and was shared 197 times.
We have likes from all over the globe e.g. Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, Italy and Australia. The people who like us are mainly Greenlanders, Canadians, Danes and Americans.

On our Instagram profile there has also been a lot of activity the past week. Here the number of followers steadily increases and the hashtag #awg2016 is much used these days.
Content on Arctic Winter Games 2016’s official Facebook and Instagram profiles are mainly produced by school children from Nuuk International Free School (NIF). An important part of Arctic Winter Games 2016 is to engage of all Greenlandic society in the event, and having the school children volunteering as social media reporters is one of the many examples of that.