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The committees get off the ground

Friday, 21 November is a landmark in the AWG2016 project. The AWG2016 committees will all meet for the first time and the work of the project will now spread to dedicated volunteers in the community.
AWG2016 has formed 57 committees, each of which is assigned specific responsibilities. The committees will work in close cooperation with the AWG2016 secretariat. The overarching planning and visions will now be transformed into detailed plans and specific preparations for the games. All the committee chairmen will meet on Friday and Saturday for the initial seminar, which marks the beginning of real committee work.

  • The project is now taking off to flourish beyond the limits of the AWG2016 headquarters. "It is vital for the success of this venture that crowds of determined people have volunteered to take part and assume responsibility for specific areas of the games," says General Manager Maliina Abelsen.

The seminar on Friday and Saturday will focus on the role of the committee chairmen and how they can ensure that they bear the project to fruition – as a team. The participants will also spend time getting to know each other.

  • This is the first step in the process of spreading the hosting of AWG2016 to multiple levels in the community. "In time increasing numbers of people will be involved and by 2016 Greenland as a nation and a people will host the largest event of its kind ever held in Greenland," Maliina Abelsen concludes.

The committee chairmen come from all walks of life and have different skills and interests. Some are already experts in their field, whereas others will be throwing themselves into entirely new challenges. They will join forces and pool their energies. In return they will gain a very special, educational experience for life, during which they will be called upon to face challenges that are totally new to them.