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Colourful Nuuk Culture Tour

Arctic Winter Games 2016 is much more than sports. Explore the city of Nuuk on a culture tour and get inspired by the locals and international artistic creations.


We recommend that you start out at Paninnguaq Lind Jensen´s exhibition ”Lightsource and Hybrids” at the culture house Katuaq in Nuuk. Here you’ll experience catchy and colourful paintings, which reflects Greenlandic mythological creatures and everyday situations. 

Nuuk Art Museum

Walk on to Nuuk Art Museum, where you’ll find one of the biggest collections of Greenlandic artefacts in the world. This museum holds more than 300 paintings, watercolours and drawings from Greenlandic art history, and around 400 figures and sculptures made with bones, wood and talc.
Nuuk Art Museum also has a special exhibition during Arctic Winter Games, where you can see and learn about cultural artefacts from all of the participant’s home countries and study Gitz Johansen´s drawings of mythological figures.
In this museum you’ll also see the big contrast between the traditional and modern Greenlandic art, when visiting Ivínguak´ Storm Høghs´s streetart-inspired exhibition right next to the historical exhibition.

National Theater

Finish your tour with exhibition ”13” in the National Theater. This exhibition focuses on 13 very different citizens’ life in Nuuk. A combination of photographs and questions highlights the connection between their well-known professional lives and their private lives.