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Chris MacDonald on motivation

Chris MacDonald had a presentation about motivation for everyone involved in AWG2016, the 13th of May 2015 at TelePosts Seacabelstation. Chris talked about what is important to motivation. The most important things were:

·         M.O.O. Mennesker Omkring Os (people around us), it is important we got each other’s back. That we send positive signals to each other, because humans need at least 3 times as much positive things than negative things, actually 6 times if it is possible.
·         It’s important to notice the volunteers, give high fives and be grateful for their help. The volunteers have to feel, that they make a difference.
·         When you talk about what is “fun”, it is often you talk about laughing. It was nice to see that from another approach, you can also be motivated when there is a meaning in what you do.
·         There have to be a meaning with your work, if there is no meaning there is no motivation.
·         Be attentive to your body’s signals, we have 6 emotional systems like other mammals:
·         Sleeping is a main key to our behaviour. The left side of our frontal lobe is not active, when we have lack of sleep, and the left side stands for positivity and care. At the same time right side would be active that stands for anxiety and our ability to seek for mistakes.
·         Remember when someone is grumpy, because she/he is tired, it just shows they are human, and does not have the energy to be friendly. Their left side of frontal lobes activity is low.
·         90% of our concerns never happen. Therefore, get plenty of sleep. Let your co-workers know when you have deficit of sleep, so they know your situation. Under the Games week, we would have deficit in sleep, but you can take powernaps for max 90 min.
·         If we only have slept in 4 hours, it is the same as if you are legally intoxicated.
·         When we are busy and stressed, it is important to respond well. Turn fight on, instead for flight, so you respond positive for your busy life. Also, encourage others to get fight on, tend and befriend instead for flight.
·         You cannot always control your attitude, but you can always take responsibility!
·         It is not positive if you end a passion project with being relieved – something to think about, on your reactions and that energy you can give yourself and others, by your own response.
·         To create/keep motivation, you have to fulfil following: GOAL/MEANING – ATTITUDE – M.O.O. (people around us, recognise their help with for example high fives.)
·         We also have to be aware of that some things are not to be negotiated due to nature, about motivation.