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Alaska is in the lead

Tomorrow the final day of Arctic Winter Games 2016 awaits with decisive battles in arctic sport, basketball, biathlon ski, biathlon snowshoe, cross country, denne games and futsal.
Counting the medals all in all, Alaska is in the lead with a total of 170 medals and only one more day of competitions to go. Yukon holds the second place with a total of 85 medals, while Team Alberta North has fought its way up to the third place with a total of 66 medals.
When it more specifically comes to gold medals, Team Alaska is also ahead of competition with 65 golden ones hung on their necks. In second place you’ll find Greenland with a total of 32 gold medals, while both Team Yukon and Team Alberta North so far has collected no fewer than 22 gold medals to bring back home to Canada.
Alaska brought 243 athletes to the Arctic Winter Games 2016, Yukon 235, North West Territories 217, North Alberta 191, Nunavut 142, Greenland 121, Nunavik 57, Sapmi 31, while Yamals delegation consists of 4 athletes.
Remember to tune in tomorrow, when Greenlandic Broadcasting Corporation is streaming live from selected final battles: